Thank you for your interest in supporting the Gems. 
We are extremely greatful and cannot thank you enough!


Thank You 2023 
Sponsors, Supporters, 
and Donors!

Supporters are anyone who donated their time, resources, expertise, or equipment to assist the Gems in 2023. Donors are anyone who financially gave to the corps. Sponsors are companies who sponsor the Gems via equipment, software, and other educational and operational materials.

Deer Flat Church
Central United Protestant Church
Boise Church
Caldwell Parks Department
City of Caldwell
Vallivue High School Band
Eric Adamson
Centennial High School Band
Brittany Brings
Tom and Celinda Zarate
Seattle Cascades Drum and Bugle Corps
Drum Corps International

Kimberly Elliot
Michelle Ames
Walt and Rosanna Jacoby
Jazmine Gordillo-Grajales
Gina Baralow Kay
James Reese
Cynthia Murray
Chris Carlisle
Plumb Fence
Maizy Little
Ann Rethard
Mark and Vahnessa Hoost
Jon and Gretchen Moldenhauer
Gary Nast
Brad Drayton
Wendy Michael Purvis
Kathleen Byrd
Teresa George
Carrie and Mike Magette



The biggest thank you goes out to all those who volunteer their time and energy to assisting the Gems in so many ways. We appreciate each and every one of you!

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