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What is Drum Corps?

A Drum Corps is a specialized marching unit consisting of multiple different sections. These sections are typically defined as brass, percussion, and colorguard. Each of these sections can have several subsections that have different names and titles.

 For more information on what drum corps is, feel free to visit this Link. You can also watch this video.

Who can participate?

In 2023, we are operating under the 'Sound Sport' umbrella. SoundSport is an organization meant to help performing arts organizations like ours get off the ground and gain interest. They have less rules and restrictions as far as participating compared to Drum Corps International. However it is our goal to someday participate in DCI.

We accept ages 14+ for our 2023 season. We highly recommend at least one year of high school marching experience, but this is not required. Members should also have experience reading sheet music.

If you do not play a brass or percussion instrument, we would still love to hear you audition. You can reach out to us for more information about auditioning on an instrument you are unfamiliar with at: theboisegems@gmail.com

How much are member fees?

Member fees for the 2023 season are $300, with a $10 inital audition fee.

What is the audition process like?

The 2023 audition process for each caption consists of slightly different content, however you can expect to demonstrate fundamental marching skills, music skills, as well as musicianship/performer skills.

Audition information can be found under 'Audition Information'.

What is the rehearsal/performance schedule for the season?

While our 2023 schedule is not yet finalized, it will be when auditioned members are offered a contract. 

Our goal is to have 2-3 community/local performances in the Treasure Valley, 1-2 parades, and to perform in Exhibition at DCI Ogden.

How does this affect school, church, or other activities?

Our member's education is first and formost. Their school commitments come first, which they must consider before signing their member contract, which will detail things like rehearsal dates and performance dates. 

We will address scheduling conflicts on a case-by-case basis with each of our members.